Visual Arts

Literary Arts

    Graphic Design
    Video Treatments
    Video Production
        Video Editing

 Author - Biographer
​Copyright Assistance
​Original Poetry Pieces

Composed for Special Occassions | Memorials | Corporate Events

Performing Arts

                  Song Writing
                   Voice Overs 
                 Featured Artist
               Vocal Coaching
          Musical Arrangements
          Post Audio Production
     Live Musical Performances 

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Math Hoffa

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Check out some of our Videography and Visual Ad & VoiceOver Work Below

@IzzMaticBackAtIt  (IG)

Directed By: Lady Najm

                                              Sole Proprietors
                                      Small Business Owners
                                    Minority Business Owner
                                     Female Business Owner
                                   NonProfit Founder 501(c)(3)
                                     Song Writer ( All Genres)
                                Artist (Graffiti, Painter, Sculptor)
                 Performing Artist (Singer, Poet, Rapper, Emcee)
             Where you can be Independent & Part of a Collective