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Isaiah (also known as @Isvivhluis) is a native New Yorker who enjoys staying fit, modeling, as well as being behind the camera. ​
Isaiah loves to travel internationally and has a soft spot for places like Costa Rica and Paris.  Checkout the Q&A we had with Isaiah below.

36FIVE Brand: What is your ethnic background?
Isaiah: "My family is Puerto Rican, Guyanese, and South African. I identify as a Black Man"

36FIVE Brand: Are you single?
Isaiah: "Spoken for by a beautiful black queen."

36FIVE Brand: What are a couple of your career goals?
Isaiah: "I'm interested in launching multiple businesses, A sneaker store and bartending collective" Also,  I will "curate a space for underpriviledged children to experience the finer things in life, encouraging them to dream big while showing them that what they want to achieve is attainable."

Congratulations ISAIAH on being selected as "BULKY" Man of the Month for February 2019

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