1. Managing Director


Herman Alston also known as Weapon H (Newark NJ) started out his fitness journey while preparing for and securing an 18 year Professional Basketball career playing for teams in both the U.S. and overseas.

He is now in partnerships with Agame Training (Al Watson), Anthony Avent and the Junior NBA -Basketball clinics (Rob Hunt).

When asked about his diet, Weapon H told us that he's been mostly vegan for about 2 years but removed "meat" from his diet almost 3 years ago. Knowing that a proper diet is essential for both weight loss and weight training.

Weapon H is a NASM certified Personal Trainer providing his clients with support in strength, conditioning, sports performance, skills training and weight loss.

Thank you Weapon H for being our 
​March BULKY Man of the Month!

Contact: @Weapon_H_Training_Fitness for more information